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How Deep Website Analysis works in SEO? - SEO Traffic Booster

How Deep Website Analysis works in SEO?

Deep Website Analysis

Once we create our website, we want this to be the best of all and reach a large number of visitors, right? However, many times we forget a small element that has a lot to do with it, and it is called “Deep Website Analysis“. What is this about? Well, it is a practice designed to study in detail everything related to the website and what has been done within it.

Why it is important? The Deep Website Analysis is essential not only to measure the impact of the work done in our target audience but also, and more importantly, to identify new areas of interest and optimize our online strategies so that the decisions taken have optimal effects on our business plan.

SEO analysis is the first step you should take before starting any changes to your site. This work will show you the way to go, which pages to prioritize and what type of SEO work is most urgent. Ignoring this phase would be like trying to get out of a maze with a blindfold.

In the same way, we have that this analysis can be focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its goal is to determine what is the best way to make your website easy to get to:

  1. Users interested in your industry.
  2. Google robots (responsible for positioning the millions of pages published on the Internet).

How to do it? For this, it is ideal to turn to specialists with experience in the field. An example of this is SEO Traffic Booster, an online platform where you can acquire quality SEO services. Among them are the Deep Website SEO Analysis, the perfect option if you need proper and quality website analysis.

You just have to enter their website and request the package that best suits your requirements. This will allow you to obtain:

  1. General On-Page Analysis.
  2. Keywords Analysis (with full list of your organic keywords, positions and search volume).
  3. Backlinks Analysis (with full list of your backlinks and referral domains).
  4. Competitor Analysis (will be analyzed 1-2 your competitors).
  5. SEO Promotion Plan and Link Building Strategy.

In addition to this, as one of its most outstanding features, we have to offer a FULL Competitor Analysis and Report option, which allows you to know your competition and obtain a report with the following aspects:

  • They’ll do a keyword research for your main page/any other page (by agreement we can take any quantity of pages).
  • They’ll find only exactly needed keywords for your page (from 5 to 20).
  • They’ll find your competitors in Google TOP 10 (from 5 to 15).

Tips to do it:

– Take your time with keyword analysis. Remember that the phrases you want to position must be aligned with your marketing and sales objectives. Everything has to be connected. A good investigation will make your content visible. Then, after they find you, your job will be to keep prospects on your site.

– Take the opportunity to debug your website: keep the pages that are really useful to boost you. Use this SEO analysis to determine how to connect your content and how to offer the user an incredible experience that always makes them want to return.

– Focus on the loading speed of your site. It is better to dispense with some aesthetic details that can be cool, if they slow down your page. Always keep the user in mind: your first goal is to solve a problem. Seeing high-quality images or scattered features on your site is in the background.

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