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In this blogger world, what we call “guest blogging” is increasingly imposed; this is a practice that consists of publishing content on another blog or website in exchange for a link, promotion, visibility, among other things. In this way, guest blogging becomes a very important part of the content strategy, not only because it provides the blog with different points of view, but also because thanks to this, you can get many other benefits that will help you train yourself in this online world.

Guest blogging consist in a person who writes as a guest author on a blog that is not his property. Usually, they are experts in certain subjects who contribute articles to blogs of the subject they dominate. In this sense, guest blogging usually benefits both the invited author and the medium for which he writes.

  • Growing authority as an expert blogger in a subject, in case you want to position yourself as a specialist in the area, personally of course.
  • If you have a blog, you can get inbound links for it. It is a way of doing linkbuilding that, if done on blogs with considerable authority from the point of view of search engines, greatly benefits web positioning strategies (SEO).
  • Getting options to receive professional commissions as you can expand your horizons and make yourself known by many more people.
  • Possibility of establishing relationships with other bloggers of the same theme.
  • Continuous learning, since the fact of writing about a certain subject forces to be up to date on it.
  • Direct economic compensation. This point is also possible (sometimes) according to the agreements reached with authority blogs. But it must be remembered that this is not always the case and that the maximum benefit is seen taking into account what we mentioned above.

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