What is Alexa Rank and how does it work?

What is Alexa Rank

Have you heard about the different ways to measure the success of a website? Do you want to invest in one but you need to know how it is before doing so? Do you want to know how to achieve those goals you have in mind? Well, Alexa.com is the perfect tool for you.

Alexa Rank is an affiliate of Amazon that collects information from different users in order to compile statistics related to the number of visits and links on a website. It is very practical and easy to access, as well as offering a web page data service worldwide.

In other words, if you want to measure the relevance of a website, Alexa.com is one of the most used tools. It is a classification system that, in addition to offering an online search engine, a directory and a toolbar or toolbar; seeks to audit and make public the number of visits or tickets that a web page has.

When a website comes into contact with Alexa Rank, it begins to record site traffic. When you enter the platform, we can then see an aggregate history of 3 months with data from the millions of users of the toolbar, which allows us to see the number of page views of a given site and the number of users (the scope of that particular web).

The algorithm with which this instrument works is very simple. The ranking is based on the amount of traffic registered in those sites that have the Alexa toolbar installed and is formed through the average of these two divided variables, so that it reflects the number of users who visit the page as well as the amount of content that users visit on that particular page. The statistics are being renewed to show us a quarterly period.

Once this is understood, it is important to know the benefits it has to offer. First, we have that Alexa Rank can be used to measure traffic from sites that are not ours. Among its functions, you can find “compare sites”, which allows you to measure the results of your efforts and web marketing techniques compared to those of the competition.

Furthermore, it helps webmasters (developers or web architects) and advertisers see the true marketing potential of their website. In this way, the better your Alexa rank is, the higher the number of people who will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your website.

It offers the possibility of blogs or personal pages being classified in the same way as normal websites. They are even given a distinctive mark to recognize them. And, in turn, thanks to the fact that it provides significant information about your webpage, it is an excellent ally when working with search engine optimization (SEO).

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