What is local SEO and where to get affordable SEO Services?

local SEO Services

There is a very useful tool when it comes to being more visible in the results of an organic search, this is Local SEO. It is a set of techniques, focused on Google, that are executed in order to increase the visibility of a web page or eCommerce in the search for information of interest executed by users according to their current geographical position.

Basically, it is a practice that provides the same benefits that a company with a physical location or dedicated to providing its services in a sectored manner (that is to say, in a demographic area) can obtain. This allows users in that area looking for some type of information related to your business, to find it more quickly and easily.

However, this does not mean that local SEO is not compatible with the implementation of measures to position our website in a more global environment. In fact, the importance attached to the local issue must be greater if it is at that scale where most of our potential sales volume is located. Therefore, a SEO strategy that, for convenience, should be focused on a local level, can easily be applied at the regional level and obtain many more benefits since, probably, the population shares similar interests and characteristics.

What is Local SEO for?

Achieving the objectives of a company, currently, is basically impossible if you do not improve your presence on the Internet. For that reason, the image they project on social networks or on web pages in a key factor that every brand must contemplate, especially if it intends to reach its goals in a market that is increasingly complex, competitive and global.

How to perform Local SEO?

The first thing we must do before starting to perform specific actions is to design a positioning strategy that contemplates the following aspects:

– 1st. Define exactly our activity and the commercial sector to which it is dedicated.

– 2nd. Define our geographical area of ​​influence.

– 3th. Define our Target Audience and Buyer Person (semi-fictional representation of who will be the final consumer).

– 4th. Identify the keywords that best define this activity.

– 5th. Select the keywords that contain our location parameters. (Fragment them by sectors)

– 6th. Detect and analyze our competition, whether local or not and direct or indirect. Here you can do a SWOT analysis.

– 7th. Register and complete our profile on Google My Business.

– 8th. Identify available resources: time, budget, tools and human team.

Nevertheless, we know that it can be a somewhat complicated task and that not all entrepreneurs or business owners have enough time to develop it. For that reason, we bring you a very good recommendation and these are the online platforms that offer automated local SEO services.

The best thing about these websites that offer SEO services is that, in the first place, they are specialists in the subject and, on the other hand, they can carry out the processes that a company or brand needs in an efficient way and by saving time so that their managers can dedicate themselves to other tasks.

So, if you are one of those who want make the most of all the advantages of local SEO but want to leave it in the hands of experts, do not hesitate to try this option.

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