What is SEO Pyramid and how SEO Backlinks Pyramids work?

When we talk about SEO, we must bear in mind that there is an infinite amount of tools and strategies aimed at improving our web positioning. One of them is the SEO pyramid of links, which is responsible for organizing these resources (links) by levels.

What is SEO link pyramid specifically?

The pyramid of links is a structure where links are built on a pyramidal way. The main idea is to locate our website, blog or landing page in the highest area of ​​the pyramid and divide the rest into different blocks or levels.

Why is it useful?

The purpose of building a pyramid of links, is to transfer “link juice” or strength to each of our links or levels and thereby improve the position of our website.

The link juice is known as the strength or authority of a page that is transmitted to one or more links. The purpose of this is to direct traffic to your money site (blog or main page) through authority links. Thus, you can strengthen the site itself and links from all layers and improve the index rate of all backlinks.

How does it work?

The SEO pyramid consists of linking your website with domains that work with the same topics as you, using Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 as a pattern.

To make the understanding of this concept a little easier, we can imagine a staircase where each level will represent the set of links that will take us to the top of our Money Site (blog). In this way, our blog, website or landing page obtains the highest position in our hierarchy and becomes the site with the highest traffic.

How to organize it?

Tier 1 (or first layer) is the most important stair of all because it points directly to the page we want to position. Therefore, the domains that you are going to link to it must be of very good quality, have a great ranpage and be related to the same theme of the niche in which you operate.

For the second Tier or level, external services must be used. Here, we do not have to be as demanding about the quality of the site (a medium authority is sufficient) since only websites with similar loads are needed. This is the most automatic step in the process.

Finally, the process becomes much simpler in the third layer (Tier 3). Quality goes to the background, therefore, what matters is the number of times we place the links. In this layer, there will be many links that lead to Tire 1 and 2.

As we can see, it is a very arduous process that requires a lot of time and dedication. Nevertheless, they have created several softwares that allow you to buy SEO pyramids and improve your web positioning in an automated way.

Always remember that this technique is especially useful for projects where you want to get fast traffic and get Google search engines to display your website among the first results. That is why it is recommended to implement it, either by creating it yourself or by purchasing SEO pyramid packages on the platforms that offer them online.

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