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What is Social Bookmarking and why you should include it to your SEO Strategy? - SEO Traffic Booster

What is Social Bookmarking and why you should include it to your SEO Strategy?

Social bookmarking SEO Service

The importance of SEO can be seen in the fact that its practice is fully responsible for whether a website appears first in the results or not. When we are new to the subject, we may make many mistakes. One of them is to ignore a powerful tool that could grow our business or brand in unimaginable ways: social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking consists of the methods we use to bookmark our favorite pages so that we can see them at any time and place if we are connected to the Internet. Why should we consider it in our SEO strategy? Well, web pages that are bookmarked in social bookmarks are seen as a quality link for search engines, especially Google.

In addition, we know that any link (backlink) that is considered of quality will help us in our SEO or optimization task for our website and therefore we can obtain an increase in traffic and ranking. This is the main reason why SEO professionals include the social bookmarking strategy within their services.

On the other hand, we have that social bookmarking can contribute the following:

– Faster indexing: Search engine positioning often involves spending a significant amount of waiting time. But what about sites that can’t wait too long? One way to shorten this time and make Google index your site as quickly as possible is through the use of social bookmarking. Google and other search engines constantly track these platforms. When they find links to other sites, they are tracked much faster than if they were not in these media.

– Increase in social interactions: Social bookmarking will make us reach people much faster. How? There are many people who consult the news through news aggregators and later share them if they are of interest. For this reason it is important that your site appears in these places, not only for faster indexation, but because they will give you a boost at a social level. This is closely related to the relevance of the social networks that we all already know.

– It generates real “do-follow-links”: When we optimize a site, we must take into account the links of this type, it means, the DoFollow ones. They “transfer” authority to the linked site, while a NoFollow type link does not. Many people hold the view that social bookmarking is of little use because the links they generate are of the last type we have mentioned, but this is not always the case, there are many of these sites that generate DoFollow links, fact that can positively influence the growth of the page.

Being a technique that requires a lot of knowledge, it is always advisable to look for specialists who are experts in the area and can help us develop a positive SEO strategy. A perfect page for this is SEO Traffic Booster, an online platform that offers very effective SEO services at a good price, among which you could find the “High DA Social Bookmarks“. With the use of this package you can gain social authority and trust which will lead to a greater number of visitors. It may seem something simple but it is very significant for the success of any web page. Do you want to  achieve that? Just try it!

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