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Why is writing content important for SEO? - SEO Traffic Booster

Why is writing content important for SEO?

Content Writing SEO

Have you heard the phrase that says “content is king”? Well, at the level of Search Engine Optimization and Web Positioning, writing content is one of the most important aspects… Do you know why? Well, today, search engines are focused on giving users the best possible consumer experience, Google algorithms benefit those brands or companies that take this into account. In this way, the websites that offer relevant, informative and quality content are the ones that gain the most visibility… Do you understand, more or less what this is all about, then?

92% of SEO experts say that content creation is “very effective” when creating an image on the Internet. In fact, they affirm that it is very important that each company or brand remember the following: although their mission is to sell products, they must include good texts and quality content on its page since, not only in SEO but in any online marketing strategy in general, having quality content that accompanies the rest of the elements is always positive and necessary.

On the other hand, we have that 50% of online marketing professionals say that the creation of information that leaves an added value (that is to say, relevant to users) and is shared on web pages, causes a “highly positive” effect in people and considerably increases the range of conversion from potential customers to customers who become loyal to the image of your company or project. For that reason, it is a fact that 76% of those who are dedicated to online marketing and have a well-founded SEO strategy invest much more in the creation of quality content.

An example that serves as evidence to know how relevant the content is can be the creation of a blog on a client’s website to increase their ranking in Google. How is this possible and how does it influence web positioning? As a result, let’s assume that the importance of SEO content also lies in the fact that it can help change your Google search patterns… And, to support this data, we have the following facts:

– More than half of consumers have said that blogs have impacted their purchasing decisions.

– 57% of online marketing experts have acquired new customers through their blogs.

– 42% of consumers seek blog posts to be informed about products that interest them; including reviews and analysis.

– 10% of consumers of beauty products have claimed that their purchases have been influenced by blog posts they have encountered doing searches.

– 61% of customers are more likely to buy goods from businesses that offer personalized content.

– 60% of creatives have affirmed how content helps them have better ideas for creating new products.

In conclusion, we have that the content will help the search factors a lot, especially if the information you share leaves an added value, it is easily read and can be put to good use. In addition, it can benefit conversions in visitors, a very positive aspect for any brand or company that wants to improve its reputation, increase its sales, make its customers trust and more… Do you already understand how necessary it is to have quality content? Adapt it to your needs and get the most out of all those ideas you have in mind! Web content can make the difference between a successful business and one that is not!

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