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Wondering what is SEO Audit and how to get free SEO Audit? Read this... - SEO Traffic Booster

Wondering what is SEO Audit and how to get free SEO Audit? Read this…

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A SEO Audit is something that is usually part of the audit processes of the websites and is performed by an SEO positioning consultant. This procedure consists in carrying out an in-depth analysis of everything that affects the positioning of a website in the search engines, as well as the result they achieve when locating the page in the SERPs. It is the test that determines the success or error of the positioning strategies carried out.

On the other hand, in addition to making the diagnosis of all the failures or successes that lead to an ineffective indexing for a website, the SEO audit is also responsible for providing the solutions with which we improve web positioning. That is to say, it has a double utility that turns out to be of great help for any business that needs an increase in traffic on its page or pages.

What is an SEO audit for?

A SEO Audit serves so that a website that is positioning poorly in the Google SERPs and other search engines can find the solutions based on amending the errors that prevent it from growing and follow an upward trend in organic traffic. The main objective of this technique is to stop and eliminate all bad practices that lead to poor positioning; but at the same time it is something that improves the reputation of the brand to which the page belongs due to the greater emphasis on the quality of the contents and on the improvement of the design and usability of the web.

Before conducting a SEO audit, you must define why you intend to execute it. For this, it is advisable to carry out a SWOT analysis, for example, that allows knowing the status of the project or company. In this way, this tool will help establish what the main needs of the brand in relation to the objectives defined at the time of its creation are.

It should be noted that the SEO audit involves the study of various elements, including the following: number of visitors, link structure or pyramid of SEO links, usability and functionality, general design (appearance and distribution of buttons), content, competitors, potential revenues and the actions carried out around all the aforementioned areas.

As it is evident, it is a long, arduous process that requires a lot of time of dedication. However, it is of great relevance since leaving a website optimized to position in SEO will make subsequent SEO positioning works (generation of external links or backlinks and content creation) get results much faster, although in the short term it may seem that it is a job that does not help us position in Google.

If you plan to carry out an SEO audit but do not have the necessary time or consider it a very complicated job, you can opt for some services available on the Internet that can do it for you. On this occasion, we recommend the one offered by SEO Traffic Booster. Currently, we are offering a free SEO audit to all our clients, who can register for the package by filling out the form below the article. Actually, you can even request a much deeper SEO audit in this link. Do not miss this opportunity and make the most out of your SEO tools to make your brand or company one of the most recognized!

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